Crossing Languages and Cultures

Greetings and salutations!

Seeing as three of our seven team members have English as their native language, it makes sense to give a broad brushed overview of our summer mission trip to Glasgow, Scotland! With a fantastic team split between Germans and Americans, you can bet that our team meetings are colorful. We’re a mixed team of experiences, backgrounds, and ages that are brought to the table. The best thing in that is how we all come together with the shared desire to impact those suffering from homelessness and drug addiction on the streets in this industrial metropolis!

We will be working with a local pastor by the name of Ian Wills in what he and his community have been doing amongst the hundreds of men, women, and children who are homeless in the UK’s third largest city. Our team will partner alongside the support network that has already been built up in whatever way we can. Whether in helping to give out meals, sharing stories, or just being fully present, the chances to practically help will be plentiful.

At the same time, our team will be taken through an immersive experience in what it means to live a life on the streets. We will take the valuable information and perspective we gain back to Germany with us and implement these strategies and tools in the work that we do as part of Church in Action. Being able to give time, energy, and love into such awesome work and to come return with new insight is something we couldn’t appreciate more.

We’ve already had two specific fundraising actions in our own metropolis of Frankfurt that were both encouraging in the way we could come together as a team and also in the enthusiasm we were greeted with upon telling others about what we will accomplish.

We take off on August 11th and are fully occupied for the trip that is now less than a month away! As we continue to prepare and plan, you can also become part of the action. For one, financial partnership is a wonderful way to do just that. We can guarantee that all of your money will personally arrive to our partner organizations. You can do this from this very website or through

For another, we’re collecting material donations such as rain jackets, sleeping bags, tents, and other similar objects that would help to protect against the harsh conditions of street life. We’d also love to ask for your prayers as we continue to prepare and for everything that God will do through this project. And finally, you can continue to keep an eye out for further updates! We’ve got you covered in both English and German.

Each passing day makes our excitement grow in how our small part will impact the city of Glasgow and all of the people we’ll be serving!